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Why Become a Marly Ray Consultant?

Why Become a Marly Ray Consultant?
When we started Marly Ray, we wanted to do things differently than the other direct sales companies.

We Put More Money in Your Pocket:
Marly Ray pays your 30% commission on the full retail value, whereas other companies first take out their costs of doing business, and pay your commission on what remains.

We Removed the Pressure to Recruit Consultants Under You:
We are not a “multi-level marketing” company so there is no pressure to build your team, which requires a tremendous amount of extra work for you with very little extra income as a result.

We Eliminated Minimum Sales Quotas:
We understand that there are times when you will be fully-focused on your Marly Ray business and other times where life happens and you may need to take a little break.

In Addition, Becoming a Marly Ray Consultant Means You’ll Get To:  

    • Set your own schedule
    • Supplement family income or start a new career
    • Easily start your own business, with little start-up costs
    • Receive free training, support and encouragement
    • Work from home
    • Tap into an unlimited customer base since you’re hosting virtual parties
    • Sell high-quality products 


What You Get:

  • 5 Individually Packed Practice Oysters
  • 1 Oyster Knife
  • Digital Calipers
  • 2 Microfiber Towels
  • 30% Commission
  • 30% Personal Discount
  • A personalized Marly Ray website – Free for 60 Days
  • Access to training materials

*Kit items may vary. Your Website hosting is free for the first 60 days, and remains free if you earn more than $500 in retail sales each month. If your earnings are under $500 in retail sales, your site hosting will be $9.99 each month thereafter.