About Us

Our founder, Bri Culver and her husband Wesley, founded Marly Ray in August, 2016 as a fun side-business while both worked their full-time jobs.  Marly Ray is a family name, after Bri’s beloved grandparents. Bri was one of the first people to use Facebook Live for her pearl parties, which caused them to quickly grow in popularity.  She wanted to extend the fun of Pearl parties, and the fortune of her opportunity to others, so she began working to create a top-quality environment for consultants, with a community mindset and industry-best commissions.  The response was so overwhelming that both Bri and Wesley, along with a dedicated team of others, made Marly Ray their full-time careers.  The community, now comprised of thousands of loyal customers and several hundred consultants, has thrived more than they could have ever imagined, focused on having fun, supporting one another, giving back, and helping families earn extra income.  A true extension of the values of Grandma Marly, Grandpa Ray, Bri, and Wesley’s family.

For customers, Marly Ray offers an extensive catalogue of beautiful jewelry pieces, and oysters with real cultured pearls inside. The pearls are mounted onto the jewelry, allowing customers to create genuine high quality custom pearl jewelry pieces. We continuously add new pieces, and work with our consultants to create the most engaging, fun parties possible.  We listen to our customers, and pride ourselves in customer service.

For consultants, we have taken great care to avoid any of the ethical and logistical pitfalls that plague other direct sales businesses. Our business practices are highly-transparent, and we are proud to offer one of the top commission rates in the industry.

Our focus has always been, and will always be, on creating a positive consultant and customer experience.  The Marly Ray name means family, and we take care of our family.