About Us

At Marly Ray, we provide a great, inexpensive way for people to own genuine pearl jewelry. Operating out of Ohio since August 2016, we have grown rapidly from a husband and wife operation to having over 200 consultants working with us now. Our unique business idea and structure is what made us achieve such rapid growth. We have an extensive catalogue of beautiful Sterling Silver pieces, and we open oysters to find real cultured pearls inside. The pearls are mounted onto the jewelry, allowing our customers to create genuine high quality custom pearl jewelry pieces.

We take great care to emphasize that we are not a Multi-level Marketing or Pyramid Sales company. As a direct sales company, we have taken great care to avoid any of the ethical and logistical pitfalls that plague other direct sales businesses. For one thing, we have no sales targets, seller recruitment requirements, minimum orders, or monthly repeat orders. We have also eliminated the presence of up lines and down lines, so anyone working with us as a consultant can earn great commissions right from day one, and their commissions do not depend on anything other than the amount of sales they achieve.

We are committed to empowering our partners by providing an opportunity to establish and grow their own business. We want our consultants to have greater control over their lives using the fair, transparent and high quality direct sales business solutions that we give them.

If you decide to work with us as a consultant, we can promise you an honest, straightforward payment structure, desirable high quality merchandise and support to build your own sales business, such as your own website. On your website, you will be able to manage your whole operation and direct your customers to book parties, redeem hostess rewards, amongst many other things.